Frontiers 2400 is an online game featuring space conquest and territorial combat and control. This game is strategic in nature and does not support advanced graphics, as such this is not a “first-person” shooter, but instead a game designed for strategic planning.

Frontiers 2400 Game Information:

Game Universe

The Game Universe is divided into various coordinate locations based on X and Y values, game universes can be different sizes, based on the hosting servers. Each game will have its own universe and players that exist within that universe. Players are permitted within multiple games if they so wish.

Home World

When starting a new game within Frontiers 2400, you will be assigned a “Home World”, this is your base of operations and Home Worlds are far superior in many aspects to normal worlds that you may encounter in the game universe. Home Worlds are granted superior population growth rates and resource capabilities. This provides for a good starting place to plan and expand your empire.

Planets and Asteroids

The Game Universe contains many planets that are waiting for you to conquer. Some planets are better than others in population, growth rates, technology level and other aspects. All planets that have a population will defend themselves should a player attempt to conquer their planet, so come prepared.

Each planet within the game universe has its own technology level, this controls what ships can be built on that planet. When the planet has a higher tech level, then more advanced ships can be built at those locations. These “high-tech” worlds are very valuable, so protect them as other players may decide to invade.

Asteroids also exist within the game universe and provide an excellent mining resource, if you happened to find a good asteroid, protect it as other players may decide they want what you already possess.

Ships and Fleets

There are many types of ships that you can build within the game, from simple scout ships and fighters, to large battleships and fleet carriers. The ships are simple in nature, do not have components or customization capabilities. This keeps the game simple, and allows the players to concentrate on what to own, where I am going, and finally, what to protect. All ships can also be assigned to fleets, this provides for a better management tool when dealing with multiple ships in several locations.


Space stations can also exist in the game, by using a construction ship a player is capable of building simple or more advanced space stations, these locations can be for simple resource sharing, or can be battle stations that are quire deadly to other players.

Your download options are:

Android Phone/Tablet

Android OS 8.0 or higher (API 26)


iPhone 8+ ( iOS 13.x+ )

Windows PC

Download Link: <xxx>
Requirements: Windows 7/10 PC; 4 GB Ram; 100MB Disk space; Internet connection.

Once you have downloaded the application, please visit <servers> to view the list of online servers and active games as well as <activity> to view the current players list and their achievements!

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